10.000 steps a day

The only workout goal that I’ve been able to meet during the last months.

Open fields and lots of air

More than anything, the pandemic times made me tired.

White dress

Snapshots from Ystad, Sweden

A white dress and a stroll through the first destination in our Swedish vacation.

Adventures in Blondieland

Do you know those quotes that speak of some universal truth and seem to fit just any type of life situation?

French Pharmacy Talk

Welcome to the article that will probably drive away any potential male visitor of this blog. Now, this is not because we’re going to talk about some sort of outrageous topic.

A Royal endeavor

Say you wake up one Saturday morning with no plans for the weekend (oh, the horror!). And say this happens just around the time you have been binge watching “Victoria” on HBO…

Summer Party Feels

Hi there, visitor of this deserted blog! It’s quite a wonder that you’ve stumbled around here.

Florence, IT

Winter seems to finally have passed, so I thought to make sure of this and hit it again with a Summer destination.

Rooting for the villain

Today I have a funny little topic for you, one that if we were to look at from a very serious perspective would probably not qualify as funny. But I say we keep it nice and light..

Assisi, IT

Interrupting your Winter mood – and mine, for that matter – with a full blast from the warmer past, as I’m finally getting to tell you a bit about the trip we took to Assisi…