10.000 steps a day

The only workout goal that I've been able to meet during the last months.
shot in Ladugardsgardet, Stockholm

I guess I’m not the only one who has lately struggled and pivoted between wanting to do it all and do nothing at all.

I would for sure have wanted to join the legions of superheros on social media who managed to exercise like crazy, while miraculously bake and ingest loads and loads of yummy pies and other culinary deligths. Of course, it’s the envy speaking now, because – yes, you’ve guessed- that’s not something I will be putting on my wall of achievements.

What I did manage to do, though – and I’m pretty proud about it – is to set a goal of 10.000 steps a day and stick with it no matter how tired I am after a day of work or, lately, no matter the weather.

And I guess there’s no better place to set a goal like this than Stockholm, where you have easy access to nature wherever you live, even if that is right in the middle of the city.

As Autumn is pretty much in full swing right now, I’ve also discovered early morning walks when you get, as an added bonus, the moodiest setting ever: fog so thick that you can’t see right before you.

I know I might eat my own words later on, but for now Autumn in Sweden is cozy and comforting.

To avoid any confusion, though, these photos have been taken in July. Things nowadays look totally different:)

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