A little DIY never hurt nobody

…and, just as I was typing this, I realized that DIY probably DID hurt some people, the chances of this happening are quite high.

But as I am fighting the urge to change the title to satisfy my accuracy-related OCD, let me just go ahead and introduce you to the DIY we’re talking about here: my tree stump table, which you’ve probably spotted in the previous post.

Mind you, if you continue to read this (well, mostly look at the pictures…) you are agreeing that this is not a very professional example of a homemade tree stump table, as probably there are plenty of steps that I omitted. Mostly because I had no idea they were supposed to be taken or purely out of laziness (such as applying a finishing wax coat).

So, you will need:

1. A grandpa to help you get in the possession of a tree stump. Extra points if you are presented with a variety of tree stumps to choose from.
2. Someone to help you get rid of the tree bark. Suggestion: husbands come in handy for this step.
3. Chalk paint. Got mine from Hornbach, I can’t remember the price, but it was one quite affordable, nothing fancy.
4. Some time off on a Sunday afternoon to just paint. And wait. And paint again. And then stare at the finish product, which is quite nice, wouldn’t you agree?

Now let’s just hope it will not disintegrate or something due to the things I -let’s just say it like this😊 – forgot to do!

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