A Royal endeavor

Say you wake up one Saturday morning with no plans for the weekend (oh, the horror!). And say this happens just around the time you have been binge watching “Victoria” on HBO...

… and you’re into some sort of royal mood, if that’s a thing. Well, if this happens and if it also happens that you live in Bucharest, maybe a trip to Sinaia is in order.

Off to Sinaia we are, then, but this time not to visit Peles Castle, as you would expect; instead we’re heading for its little “brother”, Pelisor Castle.

Prompted by the said binge watching, I’ve been reading a lot about the Royal family of Romania, most of it about Queen Mary and her family. The connecting link here is, as you know, that Queen Mary was Victoria’s niece, who married Prince Ferdinand of Romania and then became the most prominent royal figure in the history of the country.

Pelisor is the summer residence built next to Peles Castle to host Mary and Ferdinand’s family and it is, of course, smaller and it feels more like a home. A beautiful, royal home that is, but still a home, with beautiful rooms and furnishing. Wouldn’t mind living here myself… To tell you the truth, the room that I like the most is that of the nanny: airy, with lots of white and really, really dreamy.

Because we haven’t left home very early and the first stop in Sinaia was for lunch (priorities, of course), we arrived at Pelisor some time after 2 o’clock in the afternoon or maybe a little later. That was a good thing because there weren’t many people visiting and that’s how we got to have a nice talk with the gentleman who was the castle guide that day. He told us about the objects in the room, little details such as how King Ferdinand chose the cooks who prepared the family meals and so on. I don’t like guided tours, because they’re usually for a larger group and a bit chaotic, but this impromptu “personal” one was really great.

So, if you’re looking for ideas for a short one day trip, maybe this one sounds good. You might think of it as a school trip destination, but I would say it is suitable for any age and, actually, way more interesting now than it was when we were loaded up in a bus and hurried up here😊

Now, a disclaimer is in order: while we did visited Pelisor, most of the pictures in this post are from the Peles courtyard. For the sake of accuracy:)

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