Snapshots from Ystad, Sweden

A white dress and a stroll through the first destination in our Swedish vacation.
White dress

Four months after moving to Stockholm, we took our first roadtrip through Sweden. Truth be said, I was dreaming of Provence and Tuscany. And sun. And heat and Summer dresses. And not always wearing some kind of a jacket. But flying at this time, with the Corona pandemics still influencing our lives, didn’t seem like a good idea.

So, a Swedish roadtrip it was.

main street in Ystad

And one of the stops just had to be Österlen, which is dubbed the Provence of Sweden. Now, it might seem far stretched, but actually it is a pretty good description, although the two are around 2300 km away. You got the small towns, the fields, wineries, farms and – my favourites – small cafes and bakeries in the middle of nowhere.

Also, another thing is for sure, in terms of food you will be as satisfied and equally stuffed as when enjoying the French delicacies.

white dress portait

To explore all this, we’ve spent three days in Ystad. More like three evenings, to be fair, as for the rest of the time we just drove through the region, discovering it at a slow pace.

These pictures are from a stroll through the city, which is in itself a charming little place. But not too sunny when while we stayed there, so long sleeves for me…again.

In the main square in the city you will find some good restaurants and, my new found obsession, icecream places. Which makes me wonder…why is it that icecream tastes so much better in Sweden? Hmm…

In these last photos I was being attacked by a mischevious intruder. Ok, not attacked, but nonethless frightened, because the villain in case was a duck that flew by terribly close. And, I will say it again, me and creatures with wings are NOT friends, not even a tiny bit.

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