The bits and pieces of life

On words and images

Since starting the blog, we’ve been playing a lot with photography, trying to give the texts here that visual kick that hopefully would get them noticed.

Truth be told, although this is meant to be a storytelling driven space, I’ve been fully aware from the very beginning that great visuals are not merely a plus to the words, but quite simply a necessity. So this is not a post about me realizing that people do not spend anymore too much time reading and they prefer visual content, that’s a known trend nowadays and, beyond debating whether this is good or bad, I absolutely pledge for always producing and using good quality photo content.

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Healthy eating tips from a French fries lover

Let’s be honest here: healthy eating is not easy, especially if you are like me and your favourite dish in the whole world is a bucket of fries, just plain golden and crispy perfection, no fancy addition needed.
But life is not fair and most of us will not be able to indulge too much in the fries kingdom (wouldn’t that be nice? like a gingerbread house, or town, only much better😊) without that taking its toll, eventually.
So, when you need to join the healthy eating clan, but you’re a newbie lacking motivation, here are some tips to keep you on the straight path…as much as possible.

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Book: “The Last Anniversary”, by Liane Moriarty

I’m a very selfish reader, meaning that I will leave unfinished any book, however accomplished in style and plot, if it doesn’t make me feel good or if it doesn’t keep me interested. Or if it’s too painful to read, as some of the great books are. Following the same logic, I’ll probably cut some slack to a not so good book if it’s entertaining or somehow comforting. Well, I’m only human, I guess.

“The Last Anniversary”, by Liane Moriarty pertains to the latter category, but is nevertheless something that I would recommend when you are in the mood for an easy and uplifting read.

The book tells the story of Sophie, a fairly accomplished professional, single, nearing 40 and looking for a Mr. Perfect to father her baby. Yes,” have a baby by 40”, not very new, not very unexpected, is the tagline which opens the entertaining, but definitely not plausible sequence of happenings in the book.

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