Places to visit and dream of

Stockholm, SE – Part 2

Welcome back to the second article about Stockholm. Didn’t really plan to write a 2-part piece on this, but when I started writing, I just realized that there are too many things to include, hence the decision not to cram them all in a long text. Today we’re talking about places to visit here, using the word in its very broad definition.

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Stockholm, SE – Part 1

Having worked for a Swedish company, I have traveled to Stockholm on quite a few occasions, but never had the time to see the city as you do it when you are a tourist. I mean in that relaxed, “don’t care what time it is and have no schedule” way. Of course, I took advantage of each travel to walk around a bit, see some places, fall in love with the city at the end of office hours, but it was about time for a full-blown romance.

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Weekend lunch combo: Energiea and Origo

Actually, this is valid for every day, but if we’re going for full disclosure, this is where my weekend lunches are most likely to happen: super good food at Energiea, topped by super tasty coffee at Origo.
And if this means that I’m super extra boring, well …I admit and proudly so😊
First thing first: both places are located in Bucharest, one next to the other. So, one trip, double gain. If you live here, you probably already know them; if not, and you’re planning a visit, make sure to put them on the list.

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Rome, Italy

My favourite city in the whole world is in Italy, but it’s not Rome.

Rome is, though, the Italian city which I would love to live in.

Having recently paid a visit to the Eternal City, I figured that it would be a suitable start for the Places series. Which, by the way, will probably not be a traditional travel section, since I will not stick to cities and travels, but plan to take full advantage of the broad meaning of the word “places”. And, also, it’s definitely going to be very subjective, so I gather that you will find elsewhere better tips&tricks. Still, I hope you find this enjoyable.

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