Stories of life, colours of joy and other happenings

Story #4: Life on paper

He didn’t understand people too well, numbers were his thing. When capturing them on paper, people often proved unreliable, but numbers always behaved, without ever being dull or lacking surprise. You just need to know how to look at them and they will give you clarity, knowledge, they will reveal or obscure truths.

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Story#3: All those things you don’t tell

Oh, Good Lord, Soph!, she thought to herself, you’ve outdone yourself this time. They should give you the trophy for Miss Congeniality right now, on the spot. Oh, no, wait, not plain old Miss Congeniality, no, you can do much better than that; if fact, you did much better. Miss “I’m so Smart and Great and Likeable and Chatty and Fun while I do Math Equations in my Head”. Yeap, that’s you, that’s much more accurate.

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Story #2: Diary of a Ghost

Dear Diary,

My name is John and I am crazy.

I mean, I must be; I wouldn’t necessarily like to say that I am, but if I put all the evidence together, I am compelled to admit that this is the truth.

To the outside world, and to myself in most cases, I seem pretty normal. Happy childhood, average teenage years, quite successful adult. I like to think of myself as an intelligent man, I have flaws, but I’m rather relaxed and ok with myself as a whole. Except for the fact that I see ghosts. One ghost, to be precise, and I’m not even sure that this is what she is.

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Story #1: A case of apples and ice cream

She was holding the cup with both hands. The coffee inside had a shine to it that made her think about water swirls and moments when you’re just about to fall asleep. Nothing in common between the two, probably, but this is how her mind worked and this was a good day to just go with it and let emotions come as they pleased.

Yesterday, he said that he decided to leave. He was not leaving her, she knew, but still, he was going to put some ambiguous number of kilometres between them; hundreds or thousands, it didn’t even matter, it was too far for waking up together in the morning or having a cup of coffee, just like this one she was enjoying now, alone.

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