When it comes to style

Black is always a good idea. If there’s one single advice that I could give this is it.

Starting this post with a disclosure: this is not my first blog. I’ve tried twice before, once with a very personal, borderline depressive 😊 blog and then again with a fashion inspired one. I can’t say for sure what made me abandon them, but I obviously did, and it might have something to do with the struggle to write relevant pieces, while subconsciously trying to keep it a bit not too personal. Which might actually be kind of a nonsense, but there you have it.

Anyway, this entire introduction is because I’ve been reading about relevance in blogging (well, yes, if inspiration fails you, you might us well do some studying) and one approach equals relevance to usefulness. Which in my mind rings something like an area in which one is talented and able to give some pertinent advice on. Which, in turn, leaves me puzzled, because I do not consider myself to have any outstanding talent.  So, not feeling particularly gifted, I turned to the mundane and one thing that my friends say about me (erm, maybe because they are MY friends?) is that I am not that clueless when it comes to selecting, combining and wearing clothes, to put it like this. Told you it’s not rocket science!

So, supposing I do something good in this area, here are my fail-proof guiding lines.

Black is always a good idea. If there’s one single advice that I could give this is it. Of course, it’s a matter of personal preference, but I do find that any clothing piece somehow looks better on black. It’s for sure the absence of noise that gives a black outfit its elegance, but the optical benefits are not to be overlooked, either. It does make you slim, if that it’s what you’re looking for, and more put together. I am a firm believer that you don’t need pinks and reds to look sunny, it’s the whole package that sells the attitude. And if you think black is dark, you always have grey, don’t you? (yes, that was ironical)

Less is easier to handle. Wouldn’t go full speed with “less is more”, because I think that some people have the ability to wear a busy outfit and make it work wonderfully. Things like statement pieces, chunky jewelry, intricate hair dos, they just look great on people who know how to handle them. Not on me. I feel like a show monkey the minute I put on heavy jewelry or anything that falls into the “too much” category. So, if you keep it minimal, it is definitely easier to handle. After all, less room for mistakes.

Obsessing over clothes is not that bad. As long as you realize that’s what you’re doing – simply obsessing over some clothes (and please read the word “obsess” in a low key here) – and know there are more important things in life than that. Keeping all things in good measure, I see no harm in saving for a designer piece, if wearing those shoes or that scarf makes you happy. Just don’t cross that line when you start thinking that all the things you wear should be designer pieces or otherwise they’re worthless.

Shoes are life. They simply are. And they can make or un-make any outfit. Especially when you are wearing predominantly black, some interesting shoes (yes, maybe in a colour other than black😊) will definitely add personality to the look.

Feeling good in your clothes will never be overrated. I mean, there are out there some really good-looking clothes, really artsy, but which might be a nightmare to wear. Now, leaving art aside, quite often we see people wearing clothes that are too tight, too large, which maybe need some hemming…. You get the picture. It’s quite to be expected that one does not really feel good in such clothes. And it might be the age or something😊, but if you do not feel good wearing something, it’s game over. Comfort really should be a given, then everything else follows.

So, what do you think? What’s your recipe when it comes to style and fashion?

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