Healthy eating tips from a French fries lover

Let’s be honest here: healthy eating is not easy, especially if you are like me and your favourite dish in the whole world is a bucket of fries...

… just plain golden and crispy perfection, no fancy addition needed.

But life is not fair and most of us will not be able to indulge too much in the fries kingdom (wouldn’t that be nice? like a gingerbread house, or town, only much better😊) without that taking its toll, eventually.

So, when you need to join the healthy eating clan, but you’re a newbie lacking motivation, here are some tips to keep you on the straight path…as much as possible.

Getting started is hard, but then it gets better. Oh, my God, the hunger! Not joking, I was hungry all the time. And, mind you, my before diet was not that bad. But when you change the oh-so-good bread with basically green stuff and you eat salmon and lentils for days in a row (by the way, don’t do that and try to keep your menu varied), the first thing you feel with utmost clarity is hunger. And you probably become the definition of “hangry”.

Being stubborn helps. As said above, it does get better. All you need is a bit of consistency, strong will or, if I may, good old stubbornness. That will get you to the point when the good stuff kicks in and you start feeling the benefits. Amazingly, you’ll find that the healthy diet is indeed more nutritious (well, isn’t that a wonder?) and you actually get used to that.

And, then, everything should go on smoothly. Except that…

You’ll need to put some effort into it. And I’m not talking here about the psychological effort, but the very obvious one of preparing your meals. If you are a talented cook, then you’re fine, good to go, but if not, you might end up eating salmon and lentils for days in a row. Ok, it was weeks, but who’s counting? Not much philosophy here, being prepared means you will not make any rush decisions and, thus, not stray too much from the healthy part of things.

That being said, it is ok – and this is my personal bit of not-very-informed, average healthy eater – to indulge from time to time.  Therefore…

Keep the French fries in the mix. Or insert here your favourite food. After all, we’re not saints and is probably better to sin a bit than spending your time thinking about that tasty dish of …whatever. My sin time is during weekends, which is actually something that I’ve read somewhere that is not recommended, but, well, I’m not that strong and it seems to work. So, however you do it, allow yourself the pleasure of tasty food even if it doesn’t rank too high on the absolute healthy meter.

So, there you have it, my very obvious, not too fancy tips for keeping your diet healthy, even if just a bit.

I would love to be in the posture of offering some real advice on how to do it properly, but I’m not there yet. I’m hoping, though, that you can relate to this and I’ll also share some thoughts on the other element that goes in the healthy mix – exercise. But, that, in another post.

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