Summer Party Feels

Hi there, visitor of this deserted blog! It's quite a wonder that you've stumbled around here.

And if you didn’t, that just means that I’m talking to myself, which is not such an unexpected event, to be fair.

Now, it just happens that today is one of those slower days, and I thought it was a good idea to have a tiny peak over here. Because, just between us, I really like how this space looks, in spite of me being such a lazy ass and not writing anything for months. It’s still pretty, even in this godforsaken situation. So pretty that I felt the sudden urge to add something in here.

But what that might be? I have some things in mind, I read some interesting books lately, there are even some places I went to and haven’t said a word about… but I’m still lazy and the inspiration hasn’t hit me hard enough to put all these in a decent form.

So there will only be pictures for now.

These are from a wonderful wedding I’ve been to last weekend – relaxed and cool and really, really nice.

And if you’re interested in such things, the dress is TGH Fashion and the shoes Coca Zaboloteanu.



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