Rome, Italy

My favourite city in the whole world is in Italy, but it’s not Rome.

Rome is, though, the Italian city which I would love to live in.

Having recently paid a visit to the Eternal City, I figured that it would be a suitable start for the Places series. Which, by the way, will probably not be a traditional travel section, since I will not stick to cities and travels, but plan to take full advantage of the broad meaning of the word “places”. And, also, it’s definitely going to be very subjective, so I gather that you will find elsewhere better tips&tricks. Still, I hope you find this enjoyable.

So, getting back to Rome, here are a few reasons for which I find that the city lives up to its reputation and more.

Vatican City – well, that’s a hard one to miss. If you know nothing about Rome, chances are Vatican still rings a bell. And rightfully so. Yes, you’re up for a several hours queue to visit the museum, but I think it’s totally worth it. Once inside, you get the feeling of that time when this place was basically the center of not only the religious world, but also the political one and you get a grasp why. It’s magnificent beyond any doubt and even if you’re not an art connoisseur, you will still appreciate the masterpieces inside.

Trastevere – that’s the young and hip spot in Rome. At least, that’s how I find it. It’s a 20 minutes’ walk from the Vatican/Prati area and it’s packed with restaurants and bistros, for every taste and mood. That nice, cozy, shabby, corner restaurant…only that you find it in countless interpretations. People are especially lively and fun here, so would definitely recommend to give it a try.

Mimi é Coco – this is the coolest restaurant we’ve been to in Rome. It’s located in the Piazza Navona area, on a small street right next to it. Might have missed it (not because it isn’t pretty, but because all restaurants in Rome are pretty😊) if it weren’t for the joyful noise spilling into the street and an actual queue of people waiting for a table to become available. So, we’ve joined them and 30 minutes and some complimentary prosecco later, we understood why this place is so cool. Of course, the food is great, but I think the atmosphere is what makes it the best. The place is the definition of making you feel welcomed. I agree, it’s a very elusive distinctive feature, but I’m sure that if you try it, you’ll get it.

Feeling at home. I think Rome does this, it makes you feel like you belong, even it’s just for a few days. The fact that we stayed at a B&B in an apartment building probably helped. And the fact that the breakfast was served at a nearby corner café, where people in the neighborhood stopped for a brief morning coffee. I really enjoyed seeing them coming in, super noise and jolly (how are the Italian always in such a good mood? I need that recipe), talking to everybody and starting their day. I mean, kick-starting their day.

Wandering around. That’s an easy one and, to be fair, not an exclusive trait of Rome. But it’s one that just keeps on giving. Take the streets aimlessly and you’ll not get bored, that’s guaranteed. Maybe you’ll find a small church and take a look inside, or yet another great little restaurant, or an open market. Or just the street with its own undeniable beauty. In any case, it will not be in vain.

That’s my selection for now, until the next visit, but would love to know what’s your take on Rome and how it makes you feel.

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