Bits of Creativity #2

Jul 20, 2018 | Daily Bits | 12 comments


Back on the creativity front, the search continues.

We’re not there yet, but haven’t abandoned the fight either and, as sometimes happens in life, opportunity presents itself like a rabbit out of a hat. Well, maybe not exaaaactly like that, but if you’ll have a look at the pictures below, you’ll realize what it is about this analogy that I found appealing.

Now, as the opportunity presenting itself is not that actionable (other than not letting it pass without taking advantage of it, obviously) and, also, as I’m not going to send you hunting for rabbits, today’s advice for finding creativity is, I’m afraid, still not that out of the box as I wished. But, hey, it appears that it does work anyway!

So, here it goes: dare to step out of your comfort zone, whatever that might mean to you!




To illustrate how I put this into practice, I’ll just renew the invitation to have a look at the pictures below. They are the product of an unexpected opportunity – a closed road and of the decision to do something I wouldn’t normally do – just sit there on the road and take some pictures, even if there were people passing and staring.

I’m quite pleased with the result, so I guess I’m gonna be on the lookout for rabbits…erm, opportunities, presenting themselves from now on.

Have a great end of the week!