Weekend lunch combo: Energiea and Origo

Super good food at Energiea, topped by super tasty coffee at Origo.

Actually, this is valid for every day, but if we’re going for full disclosure, this is where my weekend lunches are most likely to happen: super good food at Energiea, topped by super tasty coffee at Origo.

And if this means that I’m super extra boring, well …I admit and proudly so😊

First thing first: both places are located in Bucharest, one next to the other. So, one trip, double gain. If you live here, you probably already know them; if not, and you’re planning a visit, make sure to put them on the list.

Second first thing, if you’ll allow me this wacky figure of speech: your taste buds will thank you. Of course, food preferences are extremely likely to differ from one person to the other, but I can say that, for me, Energiea is the place with the best food in town. Not the most cuisine or the most sophisticated, but definitely gourmet and everything that I’ve tasted here was excellent. And, very important, it remains so over the time, meaning that the quality stays the same and you’ll be guaranteed the same experience over and over again.

My personal favourite is the goat cheese salad, which works really well with the Artisan burger or with their signature fries. And a note of caution here, if you make either of these combinations, make sure that’s a meal for two, because the dishes are quite large in size.

The place itself looks very good. Again, this is a matter of preference, as what you will find here is an industrial design, kind of shabby and run down at first sight. Not the glamour kind of place, but definitely designish and cozy and I’m sure that the eclectic mix of elements will appear as at least interesting to everybody.

Another aspect that ranks high on my list of reasons to love Energiea is that the staff here is really nice. Being asked whether you would like your usual table sure sounds good to me, even if – once again – that might show just how boring I am😊

Last item I’ll add here, so that this post won’t get too lengthy, is that this is one of the most kids and dogs friendly place I’ve ever been to. Everybody is welcome and no, until now, I’ve never heard any kid screaming his or her lungs out or any dog making trouble. What I’m saying is that even if this is not your piece of cake, you’re going to have a good time.

Moving on to Origo…well, for this you only need to go next door. Or almost. Anyway, if you see a place where a party seems to just go on and on, that’s the one. When you enter, you’ll for sure be greeted by one of the baristas and you cannot fail to notice the good mood of everyone around.

The place is small and it feels like a community. Also, the baristas tend to remember you and what you like to drink and, really, what’s not to love about that?

To my knowledge, this is the first specialty coffee place in Bucharest – or, just to make sure I’m accurate here – the first I heard of. The design remained the same over time and it’s still fresh and modern. You may call it cliché, but the coffee cups decorations are done in a really smart way and still don’t look outdated to me.

Not to miss the most important aspect, yes, the coffee is great. And you can have it on site, to go or to prepare and enjoy at home. Either way, make sure to spend at least a few minutes in the coffee shop…I’m telling you, the good mood here is contagious…

And yes, if you had lunch next door with your kid and dog, bring them for a coffee break too. There’s a Babycino and a bowl of water waiting, so you’re all set to extend your weekend lunch a bit more.


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