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Bits of Creativity #2

Back on the creativity front, the search continues.

Bits of Creativity #1

Might be an abused principle or a Holy Grail, what’s for sure is that creativity it’s something most of us aspire for.

When it comes to style

Black is always a good idea. If there’s one single advice that I could give this is it.

On words and images

Since starting the blog, we’ve been playing a lot with photography, trying to give the texts here that visual kick that hopefully would get them noticed.

Healthy eating tips from a French fries lover

Let’s be honest here: healthy eating is not easy, especially if you are like me and your favourite dish in the whole world is a bucket of fries…

Book: “The Last Anniversary”, by Liane Moriarty

I’m a very selfish reader, meaning I will leave unfinished any book, however accomplished in style & plot, if it doesn’t make me feel good or if it doesn’t keep me interested.